The PACT Training Team Leaders

PACT’s outstanding team of trained professionals uses experiential, drama-based programs to enhance workforce performance, innovation and cohesion. PACT training leaders are certified in such specialties as Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence Competencies, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Critical Incident Stress Management, and Crisis Intervention – and publish articles and books on related topics.



Steven Hitt is Executive Director of PACT Training, Inc., Managing Director for the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC) and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dance and Human Services at LaGuardia Community College. He holds an M.F.A. from the University of Florida, and a B.F.A. from the University of Montevallo.

Steven is Co-Author of the book Superheroes Unmasked: An Amazing Approach to Helping Children Learn Social Emotional Skills.

As an artist, Steven maintains a focus on Theatre for Social Change and has focused worked on issues of: Homelessness, Sexual Assault, Sex Workers, Gang Violence, Bullying, LGBT, and Economic Divide, among others.

With PACT For the past twenty-four years Steven has trained organizations and individuals on how to have difficult conversations. Utilizing PACT’s Structured-Improvisation™ method he has trained: Nurses, Physicians, Police Officers, Corporate Leaders, Students, and College staff members in topics such as: Leadership, Customer Service, Diversity, Cultural Competence, Conflict Resolution, Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Hostage Negotiation.

Steven has continued his education as a student of Psychology at Goddard College. He also holds certificates in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from: Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, and the State of New York. He serves as a mediator for the New York State Courts – Unified Court System.



A Facilitator and Lead Trainer for PACT Training, Inc., and Human Dynamics and Training Specialist at LaGuardia Community College (CUNY). She holds a B.A. in Dance Education from Queens College and an A.A. in Illustration from the Parson School of Design. Toni began her early career in the performing arts and teacher for the NYC Department of Education. She began working at LaGuardia Community College and York College as an adjunct lecturer, teaching Conflict Resolutions for the College Now Teaching New York program for rising high school juniors and seniors.

For several years Toni has worked alongside Steven Hitt, Executive Director of PACT Training, Inc. and Managing Director for the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, training in Fortune 500 Companies, hospitals and other non-profit organizations on topics such as Conflict Resolutions, Customer Service, Crisis Intervention, Cultural Competence, Leadership, Change Management, Workplace Violence among other topics using theater as a tool for training. Toni’s commitment to this work and love of art is what has drawn her to do this profession.




Joyce St. George is founder and Co-Director of PACT Training. For the past twenty-five years, St. George has worked with businesses, educators and law enforcement officials in their quest to make the workplace a more productive and healthy environment for all.

St. George is regarded as one of the nation’s most eloquent and effective trainers in the arena of leadership, conflict resolution, crisis management and diversity training. From Fortune 500 companies, police academies, and airlines hostage teams – to medical schools, real estate firms and pharmaceutical researchers – PACT Training has played a significant role in helping individuals first adjust and then thrive in a workforce changing at an incredibly rapid pace.

The formation of PACT Training in 1980, took flight from St. George’s accomplished and pioneering work in law enforcement. St. George served as the first female Special Investigator for the New York Special Prosecutor’s Office for Criminal Justice. She was also an Expert Witness on Sexual Assault with the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

St. George is the co-author of the highly acclaimed novel, Perfect Cover (Hyperion, 1994) – a fictional biography based on her experiences investigating corruption within the New York City criminal justice system. “A terse and gritty novel” (People) and “action-packed debut” (Publisher’s Weekly), the book, much like PACT Training itself, examines troubling and potentially explosive situations in layperson’s terms.

St. George grew up in the public housing system of New York City. She received her MA from New York University, and her BA from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She is the author of several articles and manuals on leadership, crisis and conflict management and training.

St. George is a highly respected commentator on issues relating to, but extending well beyond the workplace. When being interviewed on stories ranging from police brutality to sexual harassment, St. George is certain to bring the focus back to the issue at hand: “Situations do not happen in a vacuum,” she says. “It is essential that the larger issues – the warning signs – be examined as early as possible to prevent the occurrence of a critical event.”

St. George has appeared on venues such as NBC’s Today, WNYC-FM, CBS Radio’s The Osgood Files and NPR’s All Things Considered. In addition, St. George has been quoted in People, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, Nursing Outlook, The American Society of Training and Development’s Training and Development Journal and Employment Relations Today. St. George’s mastery of leadership and diversity training combined with her keen insight, endearing persona and quick wit has helped to secure PACT Training’s prominence in both the business and human-service communities.




Francis P. Canavan is a founder and Co-Director of PACT Training. With more than twenty years of training experience, Canavan has led and designed training programs for corporate, human service, law enforcement, military and educational workplaces. His presentations focus on a broad array of topics, including leadership development, conflict resolution, change, diversity, performance management, communication skills and training the trainer.

Canavan holds an MA from New York University in Crisis Management Training Techniques and a BS in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He has an extensive background in security management and technical training and holds a Certified Protection Professional certificate from the American Society for Industrial Security.

Says Canavan, “The Structured Improvisations™? PACT Training designs for each client have proven to be remarkable training tools. These exercises replicate the actual workplace so realistically that the trainee feels and responds as if the situation were real. This is critical, for the only way to be able to practice what you know and learn is to experiment and take risks in an environment that looks and feels like your own.”

Co-founder of St. Vincent’s Hospital Rape Crisis Counseling Training Group, Canavan was advocating and educating the public on the issue of violence against women, years before the problem permeated the nation’s conscience. He has appeared on national television and has been extensively quoted in journals and magazines as an expert in rape crisis intervention, domestic violence, violence in the workplace and sexual harassment.

Canavan has also received an array of honors from the US Department of Defense. His work history with the US Government and Military is long-standing and impressive, and he continues to serve as a training consultant to the US Department of Justice. In 1992 he retired from the US Army Reserve after twenty-two years of service.

A former instructor at the New School for Social Research on conflict and crisis management, Canavan has a strong background in curriculum design and program development. He has conducted workshops on training and education and has been a guest lecturer on a variety of topics, including crisis management and interpersonal communications.

Canavan has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Training and Development Journal, Occupational Outlook, Theater News, Employment Relations Today, on PBS’s Scientific American Frontiers, on CBS Radio’s The Osgood Files and NPR’s All Things Considered.

Canavan’s warm, perceptive and witty demeanor coupled with his extraordinary bank of knowledge and experience in crisis and leadership training makes him one of the most sought after trainers in his field.