“I hear and I forget. I see and I understand. I do and I remember.” – Chinese Proverb

Possibly the greatest challenge for trainers is to create a training exercise so compelling that participants become absorbed in its realism and so practical that participants actively learn from it. PACT meets this challenge by combining drama and adult learning techniques to create a dynamic, reality-based experiential training method.

Today, PACT is nationally recognized for its innovative human dynamics training approach. Immersing training participants in life-like simulations depicting complex human interactions is PACT’s trademark, and helping trainers use this approach to increase their effectiveness is our passion.

PACT’s Training the Trainer program introduces the PACT approach to individuals interested in building drama-based experiential training exercises into their programs. The program provides state-of-the-art principles and practices around drama-based experiential training and highlights PACT’s exclusive exercise, the Structured Improvisation™?.

The program focuses on using PACT’s training approach in conflict resolution and violence prevention training. Participants will receive a curriculum design, facilitator’s guide, and series of PACT dramatizations and Structured Improvisations™ reflecting content material and learning objectives. The program will immerse participants in the experience, as they learn key elements of facilitating discussions, presenting dramatizations and conducting Structured Improvisations™. Participants will leave the program with a full day’s curriculum in conflict resolution, experience in presenting all of its component parts, and confidence in utilizing an exciting and effective method to help people learn.

Training Trainers


  • Introduction to the PACT training approach
  • Understanding the use of dramatizations and Structured Improvisations™?
  • The relationship between content and the drama-based training process
  • The Trainer in “Actor-Trainer”
  • The Actor in “Actor-Trainer”
  • Facilitating drama-based training modules
  • Understanding curriculum content: conflict resolution and violence prevention
  • Practicing drama-based training modules


  • Enhances formal instruction
  • Creates action-oriented and fun setting
  • Insures control
  • Provides practical skills-building experience
  • Promotes safe, supportive learning environment
  • Allows for individualized coaching and learning