“You don’t manage people; you manage things. You lead people.” –Admiral Grace Hooper

Dealing with human dynamics is one of the most challenging aspects of management. Today’s managers and supervisors must be able to provide direction, inspiration, feedback and rewards to subordinates. In addition, managers and supervisors are expected to build teams, create initiatives, and support organizational policies and goals.

Yet, new leaders are often promoted for their technical expertise and not their ability to manage others. As a result, they continue to do “hands-on” work and learn to lead others through trial and error, which can be costly to their careers and to organizational goals.

PACT’s The Human Side of Leadership training programs focus on how to manage human dynamics strategically and deliberately, instead of reactively or instinctively. We train managers and supervisors to build and maintain a productive and proactive workforce. Leaders learn to create a cohesive and high functioning organization by increasing their people skills.


  • Leadership and change
  • Setting goals, standards and expectations
  • Understanding the change process
  • Choice-driven leadership: maintaining status quo or leading forward motion
  • Championing change
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Formal and informal performance management systems
  • Coaching
  • Feedback and accountability

PACT’s exclusive drama-based training approach immerses participants in a life-like simulation that reflects their work-life challenges. Transcending typical role-playing techniques, we create a living laboratory, a safe and controlled learning setting. PACT’s unconventional training programs, based on our exclusive Structured Improvisation™? exercises, give participants a learning experience they’ll never forget.