“You’re already managing diversity. Are you getting the outcomes that you want?”

Imagine being approached by a member of your work unit who confides that she has been overlooked for a special presentation. She believes it is because of her accent. How do you react? Will the incident be used as an opportunity to tap the assets of diversity or the initiation of an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint?

To be effective, workplace diversity training must go beyond theory and superficial awareness and focus on the day-to-day challenges and opportunities of managing work relations within a diverse work setting. To do so, training must provide an experiential vehicle for participants to practice managing real situations within the safety and control of a classroom.

The Creating a Climate program takes a practical approach to workplace diversity training by helping participants maximize the strengths and business potential of the diverse workforce. The goal is to enable leaders and employees to support a climate that promotes quality, innovation, cohesion and productivity for all members of the organization. The program centers on enhancing skills in managing complex diversity-related human dynamics, creating positive work relationships and constructively managing conflicts in a diverse work environment.

PACT’s exclusive drama-based training approach immerses participants in a life-like simulation that reflects their work-life challenges. Transcending typical role-playing techniques, we create a living laboratory, a safe and controlled learning setting. PACT’s unconventional training programs, based on our exclusive Structured Improvisation™? exercises, give participants a learning experience they’ll never forget.


  • What is workplace diversity?
  • Drawing distinctions among managing diversity, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity laws
  • The implications of workplace diversity on the organization
  • Workplace diversity as a business imperative
  • The role of leaders in managing workplace diversity
  • The CORE Principles of Managing Diversity:

Challenge Assumptions
Optimize Communication
Respect Differences
Exceed Expectations

  • Managing conflict in a diverse work environment
  • Getting out of the box: creative versus reactive responses to diversity
Diversity Management