Service organizations are struggling to stay afloat as economic, social, and political waves of change bombard resources and personnel. Quality of service has become the focus as tight budgets and stressed employees contribute to a tense environment. In these changing times, organizations must somehow invigorate their organizational culture to foster breakthrough customer service and inspire dedicated employees.

Customer service isn’t a task – it’s an attitude. Understanding the relationship between quality customer service and employee dedication is a key to growth and financial success. PACT’s Four R’s of Customer Service links organizational goals to employee and customer loyalty, satisfaction and value.

The Four R’s – Relationship, Respect, Responsiveness, and Results – capture the essence of exceptional service by increasing skills in providing quality service to meet the needs of diverse communities, as well as internal customers within the organization. This practical and skills-based program helps participants hone their abilities to show respect, address unique needs of customers, build relationships, be responsive, and produce results.


  • Understanding the organization’s service role
  • What customer service looks like to today’s customers
  • Introducing The Four R’s of Customer Service
  • Matching The Four R’s to the organizational vision and standards
  • Interacting with internal and external customers
  • Building relationships with customers from diverse cultures, needs and backgrounds
  • Increasing effectiveness of telephone and face-to-face communication
  • Maintaining a respectful attitude, even when the customer doesn’t
  • Increasing listening skills to connect with customers
  • Showing responsiveness to customer concerns
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Finding creative solutions to customer complaints and conflicts
Customer Service

PACT’s exclusive drama-based training approach immerses participants in a life-like simulation that reflects their work-life challenges. Transcending typical role-playing techniques, we create a living laboratory, a safe and controlled learning setting. PACT’s unconventional training programs, based on our exclusive Structured Improvisation™? exercises, give participants a learning experience they’ll never forget.