“Health care organizations are struggling to respond effectively to the needs of people from racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse groups. Cultural competence within health care systems remains a great challenge…” –Tawara D. Goode, Director, National Center for Cultural Competence

Building a culturally competent organization is an enormous challenge, but it is currently mandated for health care institutions. To succeed in cultural competence, organizations need to increase their understanding of the changing nature of their client base, and create a workforce that reflects those clients.

Based on the work of the National Center for Cultural Competence, this program intro¬duces concepts and practices in cultural competence. Stages of cultural competence are introduced and are depicted through PACT’s drama-based training to highlight organiza¬tional practices and employee behaviors that influence cultural competence. Emphasis is placed on building skills in assessing the dynamics of cultural implications on client services and increasing cultural competence in health care facilities.


Understanding Cultural Competence
Understanding the changing workforce and customer base
Defining cultural competence and its components, workplace diversity and linguistic competence
How cultural competence and diversity impact service delivery in health care
Understanding culturally competent principles and behaviors
Examining current best practices in cultural competence in health care
Examining the role of employees and professionals in building cultural competence

Communicating in a Culturally Competent Organization
Understanding cultural, gender and other differences in communication
Examining the value of language assess and services
Understanding the use of translation and interpretation services
Using humor in a diverse environment
Giving and getting feedback to increase cultural competence

Working Constructively with Differences
Reducing stereotyping, bias and harassment
Promoting the respect of differences and commonalities
Addressing cross-cultural conflicts constructively
Working together to address culturally challenging patient encounters

Cultural Competence

PACT’s exclusive drama-based training approach immerses you into a life-like simulation that reflects your work-life challenges. Transcending typical “role-playing” techniques, we create a living laboratory, a safe and controlled learning setting. PACT’s unconventional training programs, based on our exclusive Structured Improvisation™? exercises, give participants a learning experience they’ll never forget.