Crisis can happen to anyone at anytime, and having the ability to help a person through a crisis is a valuable tool. A person in crisis is vulnerable and usually very willing to accept help. A little aid, focused properly, can achieve greater results than more extensive help when that person isn’t so emotionally vulnerable.

Crisis intervention isn’t a replacement for long-term counseling or therapy, but it’s a tool that can provide relief to someone experiencing the trauma of an unexpected critical event. Helping people through a crisis can be a rewarding experience, but it’s also very challenging and requires special skills. Fortunately, specific crisis intervention skills are available that can effectively assist people in crisis.

PACT’s Casting the Lifeline: Helping People in Crisis training program focuses on basic crisis intervention skills that can be applied to many different situations. The program also recognizes the stressful nature of managing a crisis, and offers ways for helpers to take care of their own stress levels and emotions while offering assistance.


Crisis Intervention

  • Defining Crisis
  • Recognizing common triggers and reactions to crisis
  • Engaging a person in crisis in an effective conversation
  • Establishing a calm environment during a chaotic time
  • Empowering a person in crisis to regain control of the situation
  • Active and reflective listening techniques
  • Encouraging focused discussion about the important issues
  • The importance of validating and how to do it
  • Offering additional support and resources
  • Keeping your own stress down during a crisis intervention

PACT’s exclusive drama-based training approach immerses participants in a life-like simulation that reflects their work-life challenges. Transcending typical role-playing techniques, we create a living laboratory, a safe and controlled learning setting. PACT’s unconventional training programs, based on our exclusive Structured Improvisation™? exercises, give participants a learning experience they’ll never forget.