Pact Offers More Than Training

Training an organization to function better is the appropriate step to take before things get out of control. But, sometimes things do get out of control. At other times you may want to seize an opportunity by quickly communicating vital information to your organization. And managing a successful organization often requires support materials and assistance on a long-term basis. PACT can provide quality services in all these areas.

Consulting, Intervention and Facilitation Services


These kinds of services are available individually or in combination with PACT training programs.


In addition to designing and providing training, PACT Facilitators serve as consultants and coaches in areas of team building, facilitation, communication, negotiation and emotional intelligence. PACT Consultants have provided organizational development services to a wide variety of clients to help them develop learning competencies, assess training needs, develop comprehensive training initiatives and implement organizational assessment processes.


PACT helps organizations defuse tension and resolve conflicts that overwhelm employees, obstruct goals or pose immediate threats. PACT can step into a volatile situation to provide conflict management, mediation or alternative dispute resolution. For example, a hospital hired PACT consultants to coach individuals involved in an intra-departmental conflict that was lowering the effectiveness of the unit. Using Emotional Competency Inventories, PACT consultants were able to guide individuals toward a positive resolution of the situation.


From leading community focus groups for big-city police departments following volatile community incidents to leading retreats for executive teams of large hospitals, PACT facilitators have been called on when good facilitation skills are required. Recently, a PACT facilitator led a retreat to help a consortium of community-based service organizations improve their working relationships through increased communication and collaboration skills, communicating organizational vision and understanding the human dynamics of group process.

Support Materials and Participant Hotline


Custom-designed materials are provided for each program so that participants can retain and review the new skills they’ve learned. Materials can include workbooks, training manuals, homework assignments and follow-up newsletters.


Following each program, individual participants are encouraged to contact PACT trainers for individual guidance, advice and support.