Audience Listening


PACT is totally committed to creating customized training programs for every client. Whether focusing on diversity training, leadership or conflict resolution, all PACT programs are designed within the context – and culture – of a particular organization. And the elements of PACT programs are further tailored to meet the specific needs of the participating audiences.

Here’s How PACT Works:

First, PACT conducts a series of assessment interviews to understand the client’s needs and goals. The process reveals strengths, concerns, opportunities, cultural traits, operating practices, internal barriers and other factors that influence performance. These are the details that make PACT training programs so realistic.
Program Design
Based on this assessment, PACT custom-designs every part of the training. The design combines state-of-the-art content with drama-based simulations. The result – a high-impact training experience that maximizes skills-building opportunities.
Program Presentation
PACT programs begin with a “How did they know that?” dramatization that sets the stage for the program and shows that PACT has done its homework. Formal instruction, facilitated group discussions, coaching and immediate feedback are combined with dramatizations and Structured Improvisations™? to create an engaging, practical and lasting learning experience.

As each Structured Improvisation™? unfolds, participants quickly discover the attitudes and reactions that often hinder their effectiveness. They’re given opportunities to experiment, take risks and make mistakes. PACT trainers encourage, challenge and guide the participants as they deal with conflicts, miscommunication, and other human dynamics issues.

Structured Improvisations™? lead to self-discovery and skills enhancement. PACT gives participants the knowledge to make the best choices and the specific skills to act accordingly. That’s why participants retain the skills and abilities to act appropriately and effectively long after the training.

Ongoing Support
Effective training does not happen in a vacuum. So, PACT Training integrates all of the knowledge and insights it gains – from the initial assessment through the program results – to help organizations evaluate and build support for the training and define long-term visions and core strategies.