Assessment & Customization


The Assessment and Customization Process

The process of creating training that is real, relevant, practical and lasting begins even before the training program is designed. PACT conducts assessments with each of its clients to ensure that program content, dramatizations and other exercises will meet the specific needs of the training audience.

PACT Trainers interview various members of the organization about their interest in the training topic and how the topic will relate to them. This provides information about the culture of the organization, specifics details about participants’ jobs and responsibilities, and issues of concern relative to the topic. The assessment examines the organization’s strengths, issues of concern and the level of support interviewees anticipate from management following the training.

Information gathered in the assessment process serves as the foundation for the content material, and development of all dramatizations and other experiential exercises. But the customization process does not end there. Each and every PACT Training program is tailored as it unfolds to meet the specific interests of each audience. In fact, PACT’s unique experiential exercises were developed to be adaptable to the participants immersed in them, so that the learning experience can fit the participant’s level of learning, strengths and issues of concern.