How We Do It
  • Pact Training Goes Beyond Just Gaining Knowledge:
    It turns knowledge into ability – and ability into effective action.

    Managing diversity. Confronting conflict. Giving feedback. These and other people skills are taught in thousands of training programs. Unfortunately, most programs only stress what participants need to do to deal with people. When it comes to figuring out how to apply those skills, training participants are all too often left to their own devices.

    PACT understands that to learn – and retain – these skills requires practice. That’s why PACT developed a training approach that puts participants into vivid, life-like situations. Here they face the real challenges of their workplace environments, and practice the skills needed to respond to those challenges.

    “You can’t learn how to play a violin, ride a horse or fly an airplane passively listening to a lecture. Why should learning how to manage people be any different?” –Joyce St. George, PACT Co-Founder and Co-Director

  •  PACT’s Formula for High-Impact Training
  • The Structured Improvisation™
  • The PACT Training Module
  • Assessment and Customization